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Master of the Universe Kit

Nick Denton’s guide to indespensible software for starting up new media companies. Cheap or free. Link.

Mouse Hovers

Mouseovers allow designers to signal areas of interactions to users in a more engaging way. Link.

Accessibility = Findability

Search Engine Optimization can be enhanced by accessibility within the site design, says A List Apart. Speak Up further encourages SEO within site design… Link.

Design Choices

When designing a site, even small layout tweaks can have major repercussions. Link.

YA Top 100 ’Net List

Another list of milestone web memes from the last 642 years. Link.

Happy Usability Day

Pogue gives a list of 10 ways to please customers via usability. (reg. req.) Link.

10 Issues Facing Web 2.0 Today

And it’s Excessive Hype by a nose! Link.

World Usability Day

is on Thursday. The Beeb is collecting examples of good and bad usability from readers. Link.

The Brand

“It’s very difficult to add a new feature today that your competition can’t add tomorrow. Features aren’t what will separate your company from the crowd, your brand is what will do it.” Link.

One True Layout

The Golden Fleece of web design: total layout flexibility while maintaining consistency. Link.