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About That iPad

In the Spring of 2010, I was writing for a small tech blog, and was asked to produce a piece about the forthcoming iPad. I’d never seen or used one, but I did a bunch of research about it and, as usual, formed a fairly negative opinion about Apple’s latest introduction before ever using it. […]

I ♥ the EFF

I thought I’d take a moment and give a shoutout to all my buddies at the EFF and remind everyone about all the good work they do protecting freedom of speech online! ›› Bloggers’ Rights | Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Buzz Off, Google

When Google announced and subsequently unleashed Buzz on the world, on February 9, 2010, it was hoping to have a social networking hit on its hands. Instead, it was met with a lot of frustration and anger from users, who found Buzz thrust upon them, turned on and connected to the rest of the internet […]

Stopping Cyber-Bullies

My 90 year old stepfather was just recently claiming to my mother that kids didn’t pick on each other back in his day. When she told me about it, we nodded knowingly, smiled, and agreed he has a touch of the old-timer’s. Anyone who is a kid, has been a kid, or has a kid […]

What Do We Google?

Sometimes when you’re bored, you put your name into Google just to see the results, right? I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we’ve all done it… Then that gets boring, so you start looking for other stuff, just to see what you can find. The staff of Nina Hale Search Marketing compiled some of the […]

When Will IE Get It?

I’m sick and tired of having to design a website more than once every time I make one. Anyone who designs websites knows what I am talking about. You design it to W3 standards, which works for every modern browser like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera, and then you go back and make it work […]

The Trouble With Astroturf

I was going through my RSS feeds yesterday, when, to my surprise, I came upon a glowing review of the tech blog I used to write for. “ Will Not Bore You” proclaimed the headline! And when I clicked through, I read a shining review of how original the content and magnificent the site was. […]

Adobe ♥’s Apple?!? Riiight.

Bwahahahahahaha!!!! So when Steve Jobs wrote an excellent, well thought out letter explaining why Flash was antiquated technology and not fit for Apple’s next generation of devices, much less any modern computer, it was not surprising that the folks’ feelings at Adobe HQ in San Jose were hurt. Flash has been their bread and butter […]

Facebook’s Like Button Is Not the End of Privacy

All right… here we go. I am tired of how people latch on to one piece of misinformation and freak out. YOUR PRIVACY IS NOT BEING INVADED. You know how pissed I was about Google Buzz. This is an ENTIRELY different concept. That is not what the OpenGraph API is about. I have already implemented […]

@ at MoMA

In January 1971, @ was an underused jargon symbol lingering on the keyboard and marred by a very limited register. By October, (Ray) Tomlinson had rediscovered and appropriated it, imbuing it with new meaning and elevating it to defining symbol of the computer age. He chose the @ for his first e-mail because of its […]